SONG PICK: Gatlin – Maniac



SONG PICK: Gatlin – Maniac

Gatlin is a singer/songwriter from Nashville and her debut single “Maniac”, out today, immediately pulls you in with intimate, honest friendliness, even though it deals with the dark sides of relationships. Gatlin explains:

“Maniac” is a dreamy song that puts the listener into a spell, careless and free. The song is a fakeout – the melodies seem to carry the story of a happy young romance, but the lyrics show the honest hardships in relationships. I wrote it with Lexi Aviles (Love You Later) who was an integral part of discovering my sound – encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone of the acoustic guitar and into the electric world. This song is my first single to be put out into the world. The vulnerability shown in this song is an integral component of my songwriting, and I hope that the listener is able to feel the back and forth that this song and young love brings.

Gatlin has a five-track EP ready to be released later this spring. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on SoundCloud and Spotify:

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