INSIGHT: I Am Boleyn tells us Five of her Musical Influences



INSIGHT: I Am Boleyn tells us Five of her Musical Influences

“Limit of Love” is a beautifully flowing synth-pop song where songwriting and production feel effortless. The graceful ease of the track raises the question, how did London-based singer/songwriter Lydia Edmunds aka I Am Boleyn arrive there? Lydia was so kind to provide us with some insight to who the musicians were who influenced her path. Some seem to be obvious, some not so much.

Listen to “Limit of Love” on SoundCloud:

Check out the five videos that I Am Boleyn cites as her influences and find out why:

Joni Michell – Case of You. This is the first song I remember hearing where I thought, wow; you can do so much, you can do whatever you want, with a song. Her melodies and lyrics are timeless.

Florence + the Machine – Dog days are over. I am so inspired by Florence’s career. Every album is different and she is so fearless in her themes and her performances.

Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek. This was such a hit and played with vocals and harmonies in a way that normal pop songs don’t. A lesson in being creative.

Robyn – Dancing on my own. A great song can have many lives as Calvin Scott’s cover of this song shows, but the original for me is the best:

Lana Del Rey – Video Games. What an incredible debut this was, fresh and new but also wise. The video is also one of my favourites ever:

She also gave us a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy on the go:

Thank you Lydia for giving us this insight. I remember being blown away by Lana Del Rey’s debut as well.

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