Cate Von Csoke Invites to a Moody Night Drive



Cate Van Csoke

Cate Von Csoke Invites to a Moody Night Drive

Cate Von Csoke is a musician from Brooklyn who delighted us two years ago with her album “Allmoon.” She promises new music for later this year, but in the meantime, she invites us to a moody drive through the night with her new playlist. It is more eclectic and goes further into the past than our Song Pick of the Day series. Still, if you enjoy our daily #glamglarepick and its playlist, you will love Cate’s musical curation.

Listen here:

Cate von Csoke provides some background about the music and some of the artists on the list:

‘Music to Night Drive’ is a playlist of female artists whose music is a force and a spark. A night drive through psychedelic, electronic, melancholy dreamscapes.

  • A note on a couple of the songs:
    I discovered Broadcast during 2020s strange days. Music always finds you at the right time and like all the artists on this playlist has had a huge influence on my own music.
  • Kelly Lee Owens I was lucky to see in NY. It was one of the first shows I went to after isolating for what felt like an eternity. The most incredible weight was lifted during that set.
  • Tess Parks is an earth angel and her new album ‘And Those Who Were Seen Dancing’ is a psychedelic dream.
    Drinkin’ is from one of my favourite Sydney bands, Roadhouses (Devotional is another who are also on this playlist). There’s so much feeling in this song, and a sense of yearning that really moves me.
  • I purchased the Female Species album this year not knowing much about them or their story. The started out as a teenage girl group in the 60s in California eventually landing in Nashville as songwriters for music publishing companies and finally in 2021 released their debut album. I love shattering the outdated notion that music is somehow ageist. I released my first album in my thirties and It’s only just begun.
  • Rock Show by Farah is such a bop! It holds a beautiful memory of driving with my best friend through LA at night. Windows down, palm trees in the dark, are we going out?!
  • Ruth Radelet‘s Twilight, a cover of an Elliott Smith song, as well as Britta singing Drive by The Cars. They both totally capture the most endearing dreamlike energy of these songs.

My favorite songs are often the sad and dreamy ones. I find that I am most inspired to write songs and poetry when I’m in a melancholy state of mind.

The influence of the songs on this playlist will likely be heard on my next album. I spent the pandemics isolation deep diving into learning music software, recording and analog synths. I’m about half way with it and I’m enjoying a slow and thoughtful process of creating.

For now, we enjoy listening to the playlist and are very much looking forward to the upcoming album. Best Wishes, Cate!

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