RELEASED TODAY: Otis English – Young Kids, Old Love



RELEASED TODAY: Otis English – Young Kids, Old Love

This song should come with a big all capitals warning YOU WILL BE HOOKED once you start listening to “Young Kids, Old Love”, so consider yourself warned – in a good way! Otis English makes a huge splash on the musical landscape by releasing this irresistible cracker of a debut single. Relentlessly pulsating beats, heavy bass lines, vocals that go from intimate to powerful and back to beautiful again, with a driving urgency yet a seriously catchy chorus that makes it impossible to resist the urge to press ‘play’ again, and again, and… just listen already to “Young Kids, Old Love”:

Otis English will release his debut EP later this year on Crooked Paintings – something to look forward to!

Otis English 1

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