SONG PICK: André Tajchman – Outbreath



SONG PICK: André Tajchman – Outbreath

The bright, soulful vocals stand in stark contrast with the desolation of the lyrical content and the downtempo, dark synth-pop of “Outbreath”. Yet together, this accounts for something irresistibly beautiful. “Outbreath” is the latest single by Belgian indie-artist André Tajchman based in London. There is also a shimmer of optimism in this dark and personal tale because this is about someone who keeps on going “Run, run, run, I’m going on, I run, run, run” and does not give up despite the seemingly endless darkness.

André Tajchman provides more insight to “Outbreath”: “It was me trying to keep everything from falling apart, right after losing my mother. ‘Outbreath’ is about overcoming obstacles, but also about the damage it does to you in the long run. It was a very dark time for me. For months, it would take me hours to fall asleep and I would keep seeing her when I closed my eyes, in my dreams.”

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