NEW MUSIC: Robyn Cage – Slow The Devil (Video)



NEW MUSIC: Robyn Cage – Slow The Devil (Video)

Singer/songwriter Robyn Camp, who resides in Salt Lake City, is known for making highly sensual videos to go with her powerful, sultry vocals and story-telling songs. For one of her recent singles “Burning Now”, she ventured out into the desert and set a piano on fire –  for real! This time, she exchanged the hot and dry element, with the wet and cold, and filmed the footage for her new song “Slow the Devil” in ice and snow. 

Robyn Cage delivers the following insight about the song:

At the heart of “Slow The Devil” is the idea is that we can only overcome our demons, both internal and external, with the help and support of others. Without the help of my extraordinary team, and the generous support of my followers, I certainly couldn’t create any of the music or the videos and I’m so passionate about making.

The clip is extremely visually appealing, especially for fans of fantasy novels and their TV shows, since it takes from some of their aesthetics. Well done! The video is directed, filmed and edited by Bryce Johnson.  To learn more about this thrilling photo shoot, visit Robyn’s page, where she reveals more. Watch “Slow the Devil” now:

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