SONG PICK: Duke of Wolves – Without A Name



SONG PICK: Duke of Wolves – Without A Name

December 20th 2016, we featured Duke of Wolves‘ “They Laugh” as our Song Pick and so it is about time to find out what’s new with the London-based quartet. Earlier this month, the indie rockers released their new single “Without A Name” which offers exquisite song writing, giving room to pulsating beats, stellar guitar work and ultra charming vocals. Lead singer Jim says about the track:

“As our 6th single we wanted to show our listeners a poppier side to ourselves…Without A Name is essentially about an extremely vivid dream. It’s a song somewhere between romance and a nightmare hence the lyrics ‘fear love and desire’, featuring a faceless but alluring character calling to the listener.”

Listen to “Without A Name”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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