SONG PICK: Kaptan – Hardest Part



SONG PICK: Kaptan – Hardest Part

“Hardest Part” landed in my inbox over a week ago, and I’ve been listening to the bright and sparkly track a lot, not paying attention to the lyrics but simply enjoying its comforting vibe. Andres Gaos, who goes by Kaptan, is the musician responsible for the gorgeous track, and it is the third single from his upcoming EP “Over You”.

Then I started to really listen. And to read. Here is what the Nashville-based musician states on his page:

“In May 2015, I lost one of the most important people in my life, my mother. Last year I wrote a song about what it was like to lose her in hopes that it would help me heal and that song was released today. I hope anyone out there who is dealing with the same thing can find a little peace in knowing you are not alone.”

Yes, I can relate and Andres’ sentiment “you are not alone” is very much appreciated. With or without such gut wrenching experiences, “Hardest Part” is highly enjoyable and hence our Song Pick of the Day:

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