SONG PICK: RubēHill – Apartment



SONG PICK: RubēHill – Apartment

Drawing from seemingly contrasting influences, “Apartment” is as appealing as it is refreshingly different. It is the new single by Toronto-based singer/songwriter and producer Alex Stavropoulos-Laurie, who goes by RubēHill and cites Frank Ocean, Gorillaz, and Run the Jewels as his inspirations for this track. If this sounds… intriguing, then just start listening to “Apartment” already. There are tempo changes, and plenty of little surprises and all is held together by RubēHill’s charismatic vocals. The artist provides the following thematic insight:

“Lyrically, “Apartment” is about being trapped in a purgatory of thought, feeling simultaneously anxious about the past and the future. I felt this way after moving into a small apartment in the city, which physically embodied my anxiety.”

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