SONG PICK: Falcon Jane – Go With The Flow (Video)



SONG PICK: Falcon Jane – Go With The Flow (Video)

Canadian band Falcon Jane presents the perfect sonic and visual representation of the idea to “Go With The Flow”. This is what they call “Plez rock” and it is impossible to listen to the track without feeling a little more relaxed. This is exactly what singer Sarah May had in mind with the song, as she explains:

Go With The Flow is the ultimate chill out song for freaky, anxious, over-thinkers like me. This is my fave Falcon Jane song right now, so I wanted the video to feel very personal to me. I directed, produced and edited the video (got my BFF Deviio to shoot it) and it’s basically about me chillin’ in my small town doing things that relax me and make me feel cool.

Presumably there will be more of this on their upcoming album “Feelin’ Freaky”, which is set for release this summer.

Watch Sara May enjoying her day in “Go With The Flow” on YouTube:

Listen to the song on SoundCloud and Spotify:

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