SONG PICK: Lowell – War Face



SONG PICK: Lowell – War Face

Liking a young artist, who is just starting out, is easy. There’s not much to compare them too, and their often unapologetic approach to making music is refreshing. What happens next though is important. Can they hold and deliver again? And again? Fortunately, our initial fascination, originating with Lowells 2014 album “We Loved Her Dearly” still holds true.

The super talented Canadian singer/songwriter/producer was convincing with her songs and stage persona back then (SXSW 2014 comes to mind), and if her new single “War Face” is any indication, her full length album “Lone Wolf” will be pure gold. The deeply personal album will drop tomorrow, so the wait is not long at all.

“War Face” is instantly alluring track, hypnotic in its pulsating repetitiveness and elevated by Lowell’s charismatic vocals.  Listen to the snazzy “War Face”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Photo credit: Maya Fuhr

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