SONG PICK: Archie Faulks – It Rains



SONG PICK: Archie Faulks – It Rains

Hard to believe that “It Rains” would be any musician’s debut single, as it is hauntingly beautiful and exquisitely executed. Well, it is the debut single by London-based singer/songwriter Archie Faulk, whose music became -unsurprisingly- rather popular in 2014 and there after, under the moniker Tenterhook. So there is a reason why “It Rains” sounds as awesome as it does. Sometimes though success can be overwhelming or not going into the desired direction. Archie Faulks explains:

“I first started releasing music when I was 18, with hindsight perhaps it was a little too soon and I wasn’t happy with the trajectory I was heading in both artistically and mentally.”

Luckily, Archie Faulks did not stop making music all together but looks like he is adjusting his focus, when he explains:

“I’ve been writing all the new material on my own, trying to create an honest and heartfelt record to both laugh and cry to. I felt like going under my own name so that I no longer had a barrier to hide behind, it’s forced me to face my own truths and make some difficult life choices which has hopefully made me a better songwriter and person.”

If this first song is any indication, then the answer to his goal is a very promising ‘yes’. Listen now to the melancholically gorgeous “It Rains”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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