SONG PICK: Ex Mykah – Suspicions



SONG PICK: Ex Mykah – Suspicions

A feeling of unease can at times be intriguing as well as cool. “Suspicions” by experimental pop artist Ex Mykah keeps us on the edge of our seats, ready to run should it be necessary. In the end, as it turns out, this is one phenomenally dark and unsettling song, which could easily be part of a movie soundtrack.

Eventually, I start reading the press copy where Bryan Senti, who goes by Ex Mykah, provides the following background:

“‘Suspicions’ is inspired by the recent police violence against members of the black community in the US. As a response I wanted to say we need to resist our own suspicions of other people and instead look out for one another – the main lyrics of the song.”

Incredible how these socially and politically charged lyrics and their sonic treatment match, creating something unsettling yet at the same irresistible and highly moving. Ex Mykah is someone to follow closely and “Suspicions” is high up on my personal list of favorite tracks of 2018.

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