SONG PICK: a. harlana – If I’m A Bird



SONG PICK: a. harlana – If I’m A Bird

Brooklyn-based dream-folk trio a. harlana just released their beautifully mellow and utterly compelling “If I’m A Bird”. When asked about the new single, lead singer Juno Roome answered:

“This tune began in 2009 [when I was a teenager], when I used to write sappy love songs. I would come back to it often, once in 2011, adjusting, writing more of it. Then again in 2013, when I met a couple of people that I really wanted this song to speak to. Then again in 2018/2019, when it became the song it is today.”

At a time, when people seem to be restless, unable to focus for longer than a few minutes, we might think that the creation of art should also be a matter of hours or maybe a couple of weeks. While for some it might be possible to come up with something cool quickly, yet others develop an idea over years and essentially what counts is the finished product. To not only having started something but also seen it through. This alone already deserves compliments, more so if the result is as striking as “If I’m A Bird”. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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a. harlana are on tour this summer, catch them live at one of these events.

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