“Light It Up” is an anthemic, joyful classic of the sort I was afraid they would not get made anymore. It is not often that I come across a band from Austria and a three-piece nonetheless (time to revive my #3IsABand column!) and I am excited that HUNGER had landed in my inbox. Their press release to be precise, which stated “sounds like: Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, The 1975”. Hm… I get it. Some big and successful names here.

However, before these bands came bands who are classics by now and they created pop that was just as successful and I’d playlist HUNGER together with Take That, Ronan Keating or my fav rock-pop trio from L.A. The Eiffels.

Regardless, HUNGER are onto something big with their sound and say about their latest single:

“’Light It Up’ is about adventures, moments and memories we’ve experienced and still want to experience in our lives. It’s an anthem for going out and to live and experience life and its freedoms. We wrote and recorded the song in a little hut in the Austrian alps. The ‘gospel choir’ halfway through the song was recorded in a tiny kitchen and is basically just the three of us and our producer singing in hundreds of tracks.”

Reading the press release a bit further, I stumble over the lead singer’s last name: Fendrich. Yep, THE Fendrich, Reinhard Fendrich, an Austrian singer/songwriter I’ve been very fond of in the 90s and still am today. Lukas Fendrich, the son. I’ve seen his father so many times live, I almost can’t remember. So here’s to hopefully seeing HUNGER state side one day too!

Listen to “Light It Up”, our gorgeous Song Pick of the Day:

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