SONG PICK: Shells – Like I Love You




SONG PICK: Shells – Like I Love You

“Like I Love You” is a shimmering synth pop song about love itself by the English singer/songwriter Shells. The music is bright and uplifting, a perfect carrier for a positive message. Shells gives us some background about the track:

I wrote “Like I Love You” in June 2016. The UK had just voted to leave the EU. “Like I Love You” is a reaction to this. It’s about a belief in unity, through our capacity to love. “If you love at all, then you love me, like I love you.” I had written these lyrics on the way to the session, it seemed an important message at a time when our nation felt divided as to how our future should look. Starsmith started to play these beautiful chords on an upright piano in his Studio, and the song came together quickly.

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