SONG PICK: Ollie Trevers – I Can’t Make It Up



SONG PICK: Ollie Trevers – I Can’t Make It Up

From his last month released EP “Cordelia”, London-based singer/songwriter Ollie Trevers offers two songs as his singles: the more upbeat, pop-oriented and beautiful “I Need Someone” as well as the absolutely spectacular “I Can’t Make It Up”, which we decided on featuring.

Rarely does a single track offer such a broad range of emotions and different ways to skillfully express them. While Ollie Trevers’ vocal capabilities get comparisons galore with Jeff Buckley’s, he might be well on his way to establish himself as the one to be compared with!

When asked  about the inspiration for “I Can’t Make It Up”, Trevers revealed:

“Can’t Make It Up was written as a result of a rather turbulent period in my life, I think a lot of people have experienced a similar despondency, and I’m really happy that I managed to find a way to share that in my music…especially as I sometimes find it too hard to write about things that are that personal.”

Understood, because this is actually the sign of a gifted artist, for being able to put their experiences and feelings into words and music that others can relate to and absolutely love. Listen to “Can’t Make It Up”, our Song Pick  of the Day:


Connect with Ollie Trevers on Facebook and Instagram and listen to the entire EP here:

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