SONG PICK: Kelly Lee Owens – Melt!



Kelly Lee Owens

SONG PICK: Kelly Lee Owens – Melt!

Welsh musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens is finally back with a new album “Inner Songs,” the follow-up to her brilliant self-titled debut albums released about three years ago. Like with Cbm in 2016, she stokes again curiosity with an almost instrumental techno track “Melt!” about climate change. Listen carefully: there is a lot going in in this track that makes you literally feel the vanishing ice of the planet. Kelly give us some background:

I wanted to create something that sounded hard but with organic samples. I felt those were great representations of what’s happening in the world, that every moment you’re breathing and sleeping, this is ​taking place

“Inner Song” will be out on May 1 on Smalltown Supersound.

Watch the visualization created by Laneya Billingsley here:

Listen to “Melt!” on Spotify:

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(Photo: Kim Hiorthøy)

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