SONG PICK: Fenne Lily – To Be A Woman Pt. 2



Fenne Lily

SONG PICK: Fenne Lily – To Be A Woman Pt. 2

And one again we turn to Bristol for some more excellent music by singer/songwriter Fenne Lily: “To Be A Woman Pt. 2” is stop-you-in-your-tracks music that does everything right: a driving beat, electrifying guitars, enigmatic soundbites and intense, but intimate vocals. You immediately get dark state of mind the song comes from. Fenne reveals:

Usually when writing about rage, most of the initial anger I feel towards the person or situation becomes diluted through the recording process, but this song was different. “To Be a Woman Pt. 2” is a call to arms. It’s raw and furious, coming from a place of frustration and pain born from a loss of control and a breach of trust. The result of a manipulative relationship, it’s both a retaliation against subordination and a reclamation of power.

You wish the track would go on like this forever, but unfortunately “To Be A Woman Pt. 2” is only a one-off single and no new music is announced for the time being.

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(Photo: Nicole Loucaides)

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