SONG PICK: Brendon – The Butterfly Song



SONG PICK: Brendon – The Butterfly Song

Sweepingly nostalgic with a heavy dose of melancholy and all the more gorgeous is “The Butterfly Song”, the new single by British singer/songwriter Brendon. While the track starts out all wistful, it then suddenly takes a sharp turn after the halfway mark and continues on a brighter and more hopeful note. The result is an utterly charming folk number.

The mentioning of “butterfly” though made me think of a bouncy pop-song by a friend of mine and so I wanted to know a little more about Brendon’s butterfly and reached out. Brendon was so kind to answer my question as follows:

“I was deep sea fishing miles off the Kenyan coast near Kilifi in January and saw a butterfly out to sea, it was flying in all different directions never really going anywhere and seemed completely lost to me… it felt sad in a way. That feeling struck a chord and I wrote the song that evening, recorded it back here in March just before the lockdown, B.”

Listen to “The Butterfly Song”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Check out Brendon’s full length album released earlier this year:

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