SONG PICK: JUNO – Sleepwalker (Video)



SONG PICK: JUNO – Sleepwalker (Video)

“Sleepwalker”, the debut single by Australian synth-pop duo JUNO evokes the sound of fellow Aussie bands like the famous 80s staple INXS or the contemporary superstar Tame Impala. The track is highly catchy and despite its serious topic, it is sparkling lush with a feelgood vibe. If this was still the mid-80s, “Sleepwalker” would be played by every DJ in every club and we would happily dance to it… as it is now, not much public dancing going on but the song has nevertheless incredible hit potential!

Tama and Haydn say about their track:

Sleepwalker delves into the lucidity of living with bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts, the juxtaposition in the lyrics reflect the fluctuation of the mental state and hallucinations of dark thoughts.”

Watch the video to “Sleepwalker”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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