SONG PICK: Milwin – Kill the Lights (feat. Philip Strand)



SONG PICK: Milwin – Kill the Lights (feat. Philip Strand)

“Kill the Lights” the new single by Swedish songwriter, DJ and producer Milwin places itself effortlessly in any collection of irresistible, dancefloor-ready feel-good songs. The exquisite track features vocalist Philip Strand of the Swedish rock band Normandie and sparkles with an abundance of sexy summer vibes.

Milwin, né Edwin Milton Lindberg, summarizes the essence of his latest work as follows:

Kill The Lights is one of my favorite songs that I have produced, I always love working with Philip, he has such an amazing voice and has the rhythm in his soul. Turn up the volume and kill the lights!”

And the party is on! Listen to “Kill the Lights”, our Song Pick of the Day:


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Photo Credit: Michael Berglund

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