VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Jacob Asher, Keep Shelly In Athens, Pynkie, Ria Carval



VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Jacob Asher, Keep Shelly In Athens, Pynkie, Ria Carval

Jacob Asher – Medusa

The quirkiness of “Medusa” got us from the spot. The video tells quite this surreal story that is so fitting for our current time, where everything feels so unreal. Then again, it is really a super cute story! Jacob Asher is the solo production project of Joywave member Ben Bailey (keyboard/vocals) and the song and video were inspired by him -as a kid- thinking that actual humans worked inside of traffic lights, manually changing them from red, to green, to yellow, and back to red. Beautifully vivid imagination! The video was shot on iPhone. Brilliant!

Watch the video now:

Keep Shelly In Athens – Neon Glare

With most of our European friends vacationing in Greece these days, why not also feature a Greek band? “Neon Glare” is the beautifully mellow, wistful, and brightly swirling new song and video by electronic duo Keep Shelley in Athens, comprised of Jessica Bell and RPR.

RPR explains:

“So many things have happened since the beginning of this year which could provide material for several albums! Nevertheless, in the 5 tracks from our upcoming EP we tried to transform our anxiety about the future as well as our anger and outrage at everything that is happening right now, regarding the murder of innocent people and so many other issues, into something positive. I think this came out in a natural and unforced way, and we hope the audience will find some escape within these songs.”

Mission accomplished with “Neon Glare” because the sensual video provides a visual mini-meditation with all its beautiful imagery and inspiring and colorful flow.

Watch the video now:


Lindsey Radice aka Pynkie sings about a serious topic in her new song “Personality”: divorce. However, the events she is referring to happened a good while ago and she presents them tongue-in-cheek with a fun, playful video. Pynkie’s new album “#37” is out on October 16.

Watch the video now:

Ria Carval

A few months ago, we fell in love with Ria Carval’s intriguing pop song “Reflections.” and we are happy to hear – and see – more from her in her new video “Never Truly”. The Columbia-born and Albany-based artist shows a quieter, yet more intense side of her music as she performs on the piano in an empty theater.

Watch the video now:

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