SONG PICK: Charlee Remitz – Season Friends



Charlee Remitz

SONG PICK: Charlee Remitz – Season Friends

Charlee Remitz is shooting straight in her new song “Season Friends”: people who only drain energy and never give back are no longer her friends. And while the L.A.-based singer, songwriter and producer holds nothing back verbally, her ethereal, bright signature sound takes a bit the edge off the message. Charlee explains:

It seemed to me that 2020 had become a time of shedding. Detaching from things. Re-aligning yourself with purpose. It’s tough to greet significant change with grace. To not shudder under the weight of it and back away. For whatever reason, I became more aware of what and who was serving me in my life. We don’t have infinite time to give people or dish out chances like each one doesn’t sacrifice a little bit of your peace.

“Season Friends” from her upcoming album “Heaven’s a Scary Place,” (December 18), her second full-length of this year. Listen on here or watch the lyric video:

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