SONG PICK: Wrené – Phoenix




SONG PICK: Wrené – Phoenix

“Phoenix” is classic synth-pop beauty, one that fills the air with sizzling energy from the first bar on. Toronto-based musician Wrené wants you to feel that power and do what the mythical titular bird does: rise high to fulfill your dreams. Wrené co-produced the track with an 80s-style unapologetic affection for synthesizers that sounds both fresh and nostalgic.

Wréne says about the track:

“As I consider myself to be amongst the ‘highly sensitive’ in this chaotic world, it is of the utmost importance to me as an artist that we validate our vulnerabilities while also recognizing the ways in which our sensitivities strengthen us. My aim with ‘Phoenix’ is to uplift and energize the listener while also addressing the anxieties that are very real for us in these times. I hope to inspire others to ‘rise up’ for the fulfillment of their emotional needs and to be empowered by overcoming personal adversity.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Phoenix,” here:

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(Photo: John Bregar)

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