SONG PICK: Velvet Vision – Springtime Buzz



Ve;vet Vision

SONG PICK: Velvet Vision – Springtime Buzz

It depends on where you live, but here in New York City, “Springtime Buzz” takes on more intensity every day. Add a romantic fling, and you have the perfect material for an upbeat pop song. Santa Fe-based musician Betty Taylor aka Velvet Vision took the cue and created a bright, glittering synth-pop tune that gets you in the mood, with or without romance. While being a musician for a long time, Betty took on electronic music production just a year ago and taught herself the necessary skills.

She gives us some background about the song.

“When I wrote ‘Springtime Buzz’ I was trying to capture the feeling of an intense romantic springtime fling. I tend to have pretty vivid memories of things that happen in the spring because there’s such an anticipatory energy in the air – things start to warm up, people are leaving their houses again, and overall the air feels electric with summer plans. I wanted the buzzy, repetitive synth in this tune to mimic that dizzy, hypnotic quality. The vocals carry a lot more weight in reflecting on the relationship – when you’re on the other end of a romantic whirlwind looking back on it like ‘wait what just happened?’ I wanted to get across the irrational nature of emotions as much as possible, the kind of emotions that can make you sing ‘you’re just another boy who made me cry’ and ‘there was something in your eyes’ in the same line.”

“Springtime Buzz” is on Velvet Vision’s self-titled debut EP, out on March 25. Watch the animated video created by Helen Teague.

Listen to the song below on Bandcamp or Spotify:

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