SONG PICK: Tara Nome Doyle – Snail I



Tara Nome Doyle

SONG PICK: Tara Nome Doyle – Snail I

If you look at the song titles of the new album “Værmin” by Berlin-based, Irish-Norwegian singer/songwriter Tara Nome Doyle, they indeed almost all refer to vermin. Except for the crow, which is curiously a predator of all the other animals on the list. The album will be out on January 28 – until then, we can only guess the overarching story. However, the first single, “Snail 1,” is a soaring, chills-inducing pop song that indicates what kind of metaphors Tara is going for. She explains:

‘Snail I’ is about my experience of receiving the kind of love I didn’t know I needed. A slow kind of love, not the ‘falling in love at first sight’ kind but rather the one you tentatively let yourself sink deeper into every day. Teaching each other to be patient and brave enough to open to a new, shared understanding of life.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Snail 1” here:

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