After London – Here, Tonite



After London – Here, Tonite

British indie-rockers After London, offer another taste of their exquisite musicianship with the vibrant and hook-laden “Here, Tonite.” Vocalist Frank Ward evokes a darker version of Dream Wife’s Rakel but also Souxie and the Banshies at times. The band’s overall vibe is in the spirit of post-punk legends and it will be exciting to hear what they come up with next. We recommend to also listen to their previous single, the effervescent and fascinating “Operator,” which makes us long for more from After London and soon, please!

Asked about their new single, Ward says:

It is about taking control of your own life. It opens with ‘OK I get it, I start living in the present, I turned up, then came Armageddon’. Referring to the well known irony of finally feeling alright, then your life is turned upside down. A reminder to self that ‘you are your own creator, pick up the reins and get off the conveyor’. And repeats in the chorus an amalgamation of chaos and hope ‘I want your head held high, I want you here, tonite.’

The frontwoman continues:

It’s our set opener and an open invitation to everyone in the room to descend into chaos with us. It’s the first release out of many more to come, where we have sculpted a heavier and darker sound.

I wish I was there, tonight! I can feel the high energy of a truly explosive set in every single beat of “Here, Tonite,” so good! Listen to “Here, Tonite,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Jessie Morgan

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