LUIANNA – Heroin



LUIANNA – Heroin

Electro-pop singer and producer LUIANNA, aka Jasmine Luianna Emslie, released the atmospheric “Heroin” as the last single of her brilliant debut EP skiá (out now.) The emotive vibe of “Heroin” paired with darker, brooding undertones appealed to me from the spot, not to mention that exquisitely intense ending! Incredibly good. Intrigued, I listened to the entire eight tracks EP and put it on repeat. This is beautifully lush and modern pop, riding that glorious wave of sweetness, skill, and depth.

LUIANNA was born in London, brought up in South Wales, and has since spent the past fifteen years between Bristol and Berlin. She dedicated “Heroin” to her father and says:

This song was written about my Dad. The music was written to feel out and describe the feeling of the lyrics and the story in my life, a gentile start going into noisy chaos.

Listen to “Heroin,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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