Forever Honey – Singing To Let England Shake



Forever Honey – Singing To Let England Shake

Forever Honey follow their 2020 beautiful EP Pre-Mortem High with the dreamy “Singing To Let England Shake,” announcing a flurry of upcoming singles. The Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet is carving out its very own brand of airy jangly pop with soft tones and lovely harmonies.  Forever Honey is comprised of Liv Price (vocals, guitar), Steve Vannelli (drums, keys), Jack McLoughlin (bass, production), and Aida Mekonnen (guitar, vocals), who says:

“Singing To Let England Shake” is about feeling profoundly misunderstood by someone important to you, the isolation that comes from this realization, and the desire to feel a lightness again after something so painful. There’s something uniquely frustrating about being misinterpreted, and I think it creates an instant distance between you and the person you used to connect with.

A feeling, we can all relate to, and now’s there’s even a gorgeous song for it!

Listen to “Singing To Let England Shake,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Rita Iovine

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