Lola Kirke – All I Had to Do



Lola Kirke – All I Had to Do

Dividing her time between Nashville, New York, and Hollywood, singer/songwriter and actress Lola Kirke released the utterly gorgeous “All I Had to Do,” a brand new single that didn’t make it onto her sophomore album Lady for Sale, out via Third Man Records. That’s Jack White’s label, who Kirke cites as a huge inspiration. She’s no stranger to the arts, coming from an artistic family with her father, Simon Kirke, being the drummer for English rock bands Free and Bad Company.

Here’s a fascinating artist who also made a name for herself in “Mozart in the Jungle” and a flurry of cool movies, too many to mention, plus more highly anticipated TV projects on the horizon. Asked about “All I Had to Do,” Kirke says:

On the way to discovering the more 80s/90s country sound I wanted to capture on Lady for Sale, producer Austin Jenkins and I experimented with other inspirations too. “All I Had to Do” is a very personal song that takes its cues more from Hejira than The Judds but I love it just the same. I am so happy to get to share it with you all.

While “All I Had to Do” follows a beautifully quiet and tender build, with striking vocals and a clear country feel, it also offers an exhilarating modern vibe similar to the one in Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up.” The combination of something familiar with something unexpected made me truly dig Lola Kirke’s newest song.

Listen to “All I Had to Do,” our Song Pick of the Day:


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