Caroline Romano – Chopstix



Caroline Romano – Chopstix

It is still some time to celebrate this year’s carefree season, and Nashville-based singer/songwriter Caroline Romano has a wonderfully upbeat song for you. Her new single “Chopstix” is about a summer fling with all the happy, unforgettable, and crazy moments, but also the suspicion that nothing lasts forever.

Caroline gives us some context:

“‘Chopstix is kind of that beginning stage of infatuation and heartbreak but it’s also really just a happy song. It’s finding things to reminisce on once it’s all over, and falling for the smallest, most specific things about a person. I write a lot about the aftermath of songs like ‘Chopstix,’ but this song is the prequel to the best and worst of romance. It’s young and clean and feels like childhood summers combined with late-night dinners following a day full of swimming.”

Listen to “Chopstrix,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

(Photo: Logen Christopher)

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