Craig John Davidson – Lesson Learned



Craig John Davidson – Lesson Learned

Craig John Davidson is a singer/songwriter and producer from Aberdeen, Scotland, who has been recording and releasing music since the early 2000s. The newest single, “Lesson Learned,” showcases the guitarist’s fantastic fingerpicking skills and puts them to exquisite use. The irresistible ebb and flow of the track are beautiful yet also bittersweet because one can feel that having learned the lesson(s) didn’t come without pain. Asked about the song, Craig says:

“It’s a play on words about how many mistakes you have to make in order to finally learn from them. It’s documenting that I’ve had to make some serious mistakes, to the point of no return, before sorting it out. And it seems like I’ve finally learned a lesson in life. It’s quite a novelty, because it has been a decade of quite brutal going with touring and the situations I’ve ended up in to finally be a bit more balanced. Now I’m focused, it’s like: Here I am, I’m back, I’ve got my eye on the ball, I’m gonna do this properly.”

Listen to “Lesson Learned,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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