Maraschino – Angelface



Maraschino – Angelface

Los Angeles-based pop artist Maraschino takes us on a bright, glistening ride with the synth-drenched “Angelface.” The track is exhilaratingly sparkling and beautifully catchy, with a hefty dose of 80s nostalgia but without any melancholic feelings. Maraschino sounds at times like Debbie Harry in her greatest hits, which adds to the allure of “Angelface.” This is utter bliss! Piper Durabo, the artist behind the moniker Maraschino, has her new album Hollywood Piano coming out March 3rd, and says about her new single:

“’Angelface’ is a love song for the underdogs who’ve given up on finding love, and a suggestion that sometimes the sweetest love stories are the ones we don’t see coming.“

Listen to “Angelface,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photos Credit: Laura Moreau

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