French Horn Rebellion ft. Siné – Versace Eros



French Horn Rebellion ft. Siné – Versace Eros

“Versace Eros” is the new super catchy single by Brooklyn electronic brother duo French Horn Rebellion featuring soulful Danish pop singer SinéWhile the track clocks in less than three minutes, it makes its time count and takes the listener under its spell immediately. Robert and David PM, aka French Horn Rebellion, fill the track with their signature sound, including 70s cowbells, synths, and an infectious dance rhythm. Siné adds her lovely pop vocals and a welcomed lighthearted cheekiness. But what is “Versace Eros” about? Robert PM explains:

“The song is about a secret undercover relationship between Siné and the character from this Versace Eros ad. I know… super random, but we were running through the internet and just thought the ad was so over the top! It’s very silly. The song was written during a sunny day in Brooklyn. We all were in such a great mood, and wanted to bring that into the music.”

Listen to “Versace Eros,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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