Fake Fever – Graveyard Shift



Fake Fever – Graveyard Shift

The label ‘dream pop’ can be hit or miss, but in the case of Andrew Barnes, aka Fake Fever, it is the spot-on description. The new single “Graveyard Shift” shimmers and glistens and takes the listener on a beautifully dreamy, joyful ride. The track’s vibe is highly alluring and pretty much phenomenal and stands in stark contrast to its title, which would hint at something maybe more serious. With “Graveyard Shift,” Fake Fever announces his sophomore album, Inside The Well, due September 1st. Asked about the upcoming album and the first single, Andrew says:

“When I initially tried to piece together ideas for my 2nd album, I was hitting a wall and slowly realized that I had spent so much time over the last few years trying to recreate this essence of my childhood and my past and existing in this escapist place where I was constantly looking backwards, that I was doing a horrible job of living in the present and trying to progress, both creatively and personally. This album encompasses that sometimes-painful process of loosening the grip on the past so that you can free yourself to move forward.”

Listen to “Graveyard Shift,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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