Yodashe – Visualization




Yodashe – Visualization

The London-based musician Yodashe does carefully crafted electronic music and fills it with meaning through beautiful words. Her new song “Visualization” – the third one she has released under her name since 2020 – is about the power of creating positive images in your mind. With an intricate production and shimmering vocals, that song reminds me of the early work of FKA twigs.

The inspiration for “Visualization” came from a friend who asked her how she sees herself in the future. Yodashe recalls:

“In order to respond to these questions i remember I used to wake up in the morning, make my coffee, open the sash window, and stay put, facing at the sun with my eyes closed, until i would feel the sun burn on my eyelids, and my head completely empty and clear. I would then try to formulate specific images in my mind, with great level of detail, of where i wanted to be in the future, scenarios which made me really really happy and excited. And then try to focus my day around actions which would help achieve that goal, the image i would have visualized in the morning. (In my case, the result of this process was that a few months later i enrolled to study Music at Masters level at Uni, but, of course, for each person it will be a different thing, very personal and empowering to them…)”

Listen to “Visualization,” our Song Pick of the Day, below:

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