Quantic – Get In The Ride ft. Connie Constance



Quantic – Get In The Ride ft. Connie Constance

Quantic – aka multi-instrumentalist, DJ, composer, and producer Will Holland – is about to release his upcoming album, Dancing While Falling, on November 10 via Play It Again Sam. Will can look at a 20-year spanning music career, and his new album is the most live-sounding and in his own words, “grown-up” release to date. The British-born New York-based artist teamed up with a glamglare favorite, powerhouse Connie Constance. Their new single “Get In The Ride” is nothing short of stunning! The track is groove, fresh and oh-so-danceable!

Asked about working together, Quantic says:

“This is Connie and my first collab together, one of the futurist approaches on my new record. The song’s journey is a clash between hard synth patterns and pack vocals, like sitting in the backseat of a very bumpy ride.”

Connie adds:

“Was so cool to work with Quantic on this record, I used to listen to ‘Time is the Enemy’ all the time when I was first recording my own music. It feels like a full circle moment.”

Listen to “Get In The Ride,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Quantic ft. Connie Constance, and add “Get In The Ride” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and YouTube:

Photo Credit: Fabrice Bourgelle

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