Enny Owl – Alina



Enny Owl

Enny Owl – Alina

“Alina” is about liberation. The song alternates between a quiet verse and a soaring chorus, making you root for the protagonist’s journey to happiness. But who is Alina? The LA, via the UK singer/songwriter Enny Owl, asked in early 2020 for people’s first names and thoughts and turned this into songs. You can find more of these vignettes on Enny Owl’s upcoming album Homes in Humams, out on November 3 via Weird Sister Records.

Enny Owl explains:

“‘Alina’ is about setting yourself free from the toxic belief that who you are is ungodly and sinful. It's finding liberation within your own spirituality and running into the loving arms of those who accept you for who you are.”

Listen to “Alina,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service , or watch the video directed by Enny Owl and Eden Hain here:

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