SONG PICK: PAVEY ARK – Hidden Hills (Video)



SONG PICK: PAVEY ARK – Hidden Hills (Video)

“Hidden Hills” by English alternative acoustic quintet Pavey Ark, is a winning charmer with its dynamic, playful and intricate vibe. Acoustic guitars with lots of finger picking, soft yet but at the same time powerful vocals, violins, steady drums all creating an intensifying sound that is as appealing as it is ultimately absolutely irresistible. Pavey Ark, named so after a music festival, just released their EP “Leaf By Leaf” with “Hidden Hills” as the lead single.

Listen to “Hidden Hills”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Watch the poetic band video to “Hidden Hills” and enjoy the all the acoustic beauty in close-ups and maybe that gets you breaking out that guitar of yours and jammin’ along:

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