VIDEO PREMIERE: Evelinn Trouble – Sunset Everytime



VIDEO PREMIERE: Evelinn Trouble – Sunset Everytime

Evelinn Trouble takes being an artist seriously, frequently reinventing herself and her music. No album is like the next, surprising her ever-growing fan base with lo-fi pop, to industrial doom rock or Motown esthetics.

Her latest song “Sunset Everytime” is something else again and it is awesome! You can easily get lost in the mellow vibe of “Sunset Everytime”, with vocals so warm and soft like a sweet promise. Watching the visual interpretation of the song, it becomes apparent that this is an ode to a tour van but not just any car but Jimmy Boeing, the tour bus that took Evelinn Trouble and her band on countless tours over the last six years.

The song is as much a farewell to Jimmy as it is to old habits and lovers. It also marks a time when the Switzerland born artist left her chosen hometown London to exchange it with Berlin, plus a new album in the making. For now, there’s the trippy and totally fascinating music video to “Sunset Everytime” and we are psyched to exclusively premiere it today:

Directed by Evelinn Trouble. Mixed by Evelinn Trouble and Marck Fuck.

“Sunset Everytime” for your SoundCloud playlist:

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