Dead Leaf Echo – BOO [EP Premiere]

Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo are a music/art collective that released their debut full-length album, Thought and Language, in 2013. Now, LG Galleon (vocals, guitar), Steve Schwadron (bass), and Kevin Kahawai (percussion, drums) are gearing up to release their third full-length album. But first, they dropped BOO, a five-track EP via[…]

Couvo – Purgatory [Premiere]

We are excited to premiere “Purgatory,” the new single by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Couvo and the last song to be released from his upcoming album, The Drinks Are Always Free in Purgatory. The gorgeous “Purgatory,” is a slow-building track full of longing and the burning desire for change. “Purgatory” makes for the perfect[…]

Janna Pelle

Janna Pelle – Ever [Premiere]

“Ever” is a big word. Singer and producer Janna Pelle, who made her way from Miami to the woods in Upstate New York, feels ready to tackle “Ever” from two very personal angles. First, Janna takes you back to the past. Asked about the background of the song, she explains:[…]

Halley Greg – The Ocean [Premiere]

Songwriter, singer and producer Halley Greg is gearing up to release her second album, Straitjacket, by the end of this month. We got an early listen of the album and immensely enjoy its nine tracks, and are especially excited to exclusively premiere “The Ocean today” – a delightful pop anthem[…]

James Paul Mitchell – Tokyo [Video Premiere]

Nashville-based singer/songwriter James Paul Mitchell  is about to release his new album Breakup Record this Friday and offers beautifully wistful and atmospheric visuals for his gorgeous single “Tokyo.” Mitchell says about the song: “Tokyo” represents the pain of letting go of a lover, of the future that you had painted[…]

Julia D’Angelo – Point of View [Song Premiere]

Officially summer, the cool temperatures and the monochromatic grey sky in New York today tell a different story. Still, with a song as bright and beautiful as “Point of View,” things don’t look so dreary anymore. The Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based artist Julia D’Angelo/strong> releases her new single “Point of View” today,[…]

MARIA Die RUHE – Superrare [Song & Video Premiere]

“Superrare,” the new single by avant-tech-pop producer MARIA Die RUHE is an exhilarating piece of pop music, and we are excited to exclusively premiere it today. The track is accompanied by a fascinating, colorful video reflecting the song’s beautiful vibrancy.  MARIA Die RUHE envisioned and produced the video, with Arvid[…]

Kayce Laine

Kayce Laine – Another Side [Premiere]

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you have an idea in your mind – not in an abstract way, but something you have already lived through with intensity. It is amazing what the mind can do while asleep and Nashville-via-Brooklyn singer Kayce Laine takes this as a main[…]


A bit jazzy, a bit chill, and immensely catchy, that is “Familiar Faces,” the new single by IMBER. Behind IMBER is Bristol-based composer, musician, and producer Ben Imber, who is using the moniker for his solo project. We are stoked to exclusively premiere the enchanting track today, which features Ben’s[…]