VIDEO PREMIERE: Lye Marlow – Headlights



VIDEO PREMIERE: Lye Marlow – Headlights

With “Headlights”, singer/songwriter/producer Clare Moses aka Lye Marlow, created an exquisite synth pop number that is enchanting in its restraint. The key markers are Clare’s alluringly delicate vocals contrasting with the darker tones of the song, adding beautiful sparkles and optimism.

We are excited to exclusively premiere the gorgeous video to “Headlights”, which the classically trained cellist and jazz-influenced vocalist, based in New York, explains as follows:

“The video is a physical manifestation of the internal struggle between how you feel vs how you’re seen. It exhibits the dancer letting her strength out through performance, while the intimacy of the space is meant to indicate that this realization is happening within her mind. It suggests that presenting as big as you are sometimes takes practice.”

The music video is directed and choreographed by Maribel Moses, and is highly captivating in its sensual flow. Watch “Headlights” now:

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