SONG PICK: Uon – Who Loves You Now (Video)



SONG PICK: Uon – Who Loves You Now (Video)

You never want to be on the receiving end of this question: “Who Loves You Now?”. Anna Sharifi, singer in the Berlin-based synth-pop duo Uon makes it unmistakably clear, with deadpan vocals how serious the situation is. Add an intriguing electronic production, with a mix of dance beats and bits of guitar to it and it is hard to escape the dark allure of the track.

Last time we heard from Anna Sharifi was 2016 with her song “You Owe Me”. Now she has teamed up with Nina Branner, also originally from Denmark, to create a new sound, inspired by the Berlin electronic music scene, but also with pop and sometimes even jazzy qualities. More of this can be witnessed on their excellent debut EP “evoL”, due out next Friday (June 22).

Watch the video for “Who Loves You Now”, our Song Pick of the Day, on YouTube:

(Photo: Adrian Zwicker)

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