SONG PREMIERE: Barrie Rose – All is Well



SONG PREMIERE: Barrie Rose – All is Well

At the height of Summer 2018 comes “All is Well”, a song as irresistibly gorgeous as a swim in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea or as stimulating as a joyful potluck BBQ with friends. The latter also picks up on one of the themes that Barrie Rose, the Los Angeles-based singer and artist behind “All is Well” maybe had in mind when creating the track. We asked Barrie for more insight to “All is Well” and she provides:

“My new song “All is Well” is about coming together, whether it be on a small-scale or globally. I wrote this song because teamwork and the intention behind it are at the forefront of my mind. I used to feel all alone. I used to be jealous of other people’s wins and compare myself and think, ‘why haven’t I done that yet?’ But by working through some things inside myself, I realized we are all different and on our own unique paths.”

The observant songwriter reflects further:

“Now I see the brilliance in people around me and consider anyone I meet as a potential friend, collaborator, or someone I can learn from. I want to share this song “All is Well” because I think our world can benefit from its message.”

This is certainly a beautiful and powerful message! One we absolutely love and want to share. We couldn’t be happier to exclusively premiere the anthemic “All is Well” today, a song reminiscent of a Madonna-esque pop quality, featuring wistful trumpets and Barrie Rose’s delightful vocals.

Listen to “All is Well” our most charming Song Pick of the Day premiere:

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