SONG PREMIERE: Through Juniper Vale – Mirror Mirror



SONG PREMIERE: Through Juniper Vale – Mirror Mirror

Through Juniper Vale is a fascinating and unusual collaboration between singer/songwriter Sarah Jane Wood, illustrator Hein Zaayman and producer Vian Izak. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, they together create indie-pop music that combines stories with colorful, whimsical illustrations such as the one above. Aiming at monthly releases, „Mirror Mirror“ is their fourth single in 2018.

Brighter and more airy than their previous songs, „Mirror Mirror“ uses the sonic metaphor of bells for memories that chime in your mind. Then the bass kicks in and the sound becomes heavier, like a new world opening before your mental eye.

When asked about the song, Sarah Jane provided the following:

Mirror Mirror is all about self reflection. It is about looking at your life in a real, honest and vulnerable way. It’s about recognizing all of the hurts, the sadness, and the brokenness, and all of the love, the dreams, and the things that make you the happiest. And it is about reflecting on those truths in order to reveal glimpses of who you truly are. I really believe that the better we know ourselves, the better we can love and take care of ourselves. And that the more we love ourselves, the more we can be who we are truly meant to be. And maybe the more we can be our true selves, the more fully alive we can live. And perhaps the more fully alive and filled with honest love we can be, the better we can share that love with everyone else around us. Maybe that is what “home” is truly all about?

Beautiful sentiments! We are excited to premiere the magnificent „Mirror Mirror“ today and present it as our Song Pick of the Day. Listen below on SoundCloud.

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