VIDEO PREMIERE: Kat Spina – Play it Loud



VIDEO PREMIERE: Kat Spina – Play it Loud

Which are the songs you can not help but to sing along with? You might very well add “Play it Loud” by Kat Spina to your repertoire because the song is so cheerful that even the grumpiest vocally challenged person would feel inclined to chime in. And for those of us who want to do more than just “la la la” the melody, Kat Spina provides the lyrics in her lovely video.

When asked about “Play it Loud”, the New York-based singer/songwriter explains:

“This song is all about your inner child. It’s about living in the moment. Because, when we are kids, that’s what we do! It’s energetic and hopeful. It’s driving and upbeat. I hope you hold onto your dreams and find a way for them to fly in this lifetime.”

With that sort of spirit and carefreeness in mind, Kat also approached the video:

“When it came to launching the video for Play it Loud, a lot of ideas were going through my mind. My instincts were telling me to keep it simple and keep it open. I wanted my listeners to engage that inner child and think about the excitement they feel when their favorite song comes on the radio.”

“Play it Loud” is created and directed by Gabriel Genesis and Kat Spina reveals further:

“The video is about a journey. It captures the thrill of packing up and seeing where the road ahead takes you with the soundtrack of your life blasting through the speakers.”

This is pop in its most refreshing form! Bubbly and exciting, a little bit sweet but not overwhelmingly so. We are excited to premiere the feel-good video today. Watch “Play it Loud” now:


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Music & Lyrics by Kat Spina and Brian Forbes

Produced by Brian Forbes @ ADIM Records

Video by Gabriel Genesis