Methyl Ethel – Proof feat. Stella Donnelly (Video)



Methyl Ethel – Proof feat. Stella Donnelly (Video)

Methyl Ethel came a long way from their first EPs and albums to releasing their fourth studio album Are You Haunted, on February 14, 2022, via Future Classics. I am a Methyl Ethel aka Jake Webb fan before we even started glamglare, since the artist’s early SoundCloud and Bandcamp days. Utterly mesmerizing from the beginning, and only improving, Methyl Ethel’s music is not always easy to digest but is certainly always fascinating.

For the first time ever, singer, songwriter, and producer Jake Webb enlists an additional singer and turns to a fellow Australian, the lovely and also stunningly talented songwriter and singer Stella Donnelly, who once played guitar in Jake’s band.

Jake directed and edited the black and white music video, evoking German Expressionist movies, and says:

Proof has a lot of direct references to movies. I was watching a lot of foreign films at night on mute with the sound down. It was US election time in 2020 and COVID was everywhere in the media and there was a maelstrom of information and I like the idea of asking “What is proof?” One person’s truth is another person’s gossip. It’s a surreal little painting of those bits and pieces.

Choosing Donnelly for “Proof” seems to be not only the perfect choice bound to happen eventually, because Jake says:

Stella is one of the most truth-telling artists I’ve ever heard. It made for a perfect match.

And Stella adds:

Working on “Proof” with Jake felt like being invited to the set of your favourite movie, such an insightful and wonderful experience.

The track is hypnotic in its flow and the re-assuringly ushered “what can you see” brings out the allure in both their styles. “Proof” might very well be Methyl Ethyl’s inescapably catchiest song to date and should find its way on plenty of playlists. Watch the video and check out “Proof,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Methyl Ethel and add “Proof” to your playlist as we are adding it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:


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