Kayce Laine – Another Side [Premiere]



Kayce Laine

Kayce Laine – Another Side [Premiere]

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you have an idea in your mind – not in an abstract way, but something you have already lived through with intensity. It is amazing what the mind can do while asleep and Nashville-via-Brooklyn singer Kayce Laine takes this as a main inspiration for her songwriting. Her new song, “Another Side,” is a lush pop track where thick synth layers want to carry you away like in a gentle dream.

Kayce says about the song:

Not only was the verse melody for another side written in a dream, but the song itself describes the longing I have for places and people that I meet in my dreamworld. Each night I get to close my eyes and go on a journey, connect with new people and experience them free of consequences. How magical is that?

“Another Side” will be on Kayce’s upcoming album, scheduled for Fall this year. We are happy to premiere the song as our Song Pick of the Day:

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