Pitou – Big Tear




Pitou – Big Tear

Pitou is a singer/songwriter from Amsterdam, and she does both in unusual and engaging ways. For her new song “Big Tear,” she uses a blend of acoustic instruments that sound unsettling and soothing at the same time.

Here’s what Pitou reveals about her songwriting approach:

“I tend to write songs that serve a personal purpose. A bit of hopefulness or light that I need, a reminder of something I should give more attention to, a guideline for how I’d want to live my life, or just the processing of something that’s happened. The underlying theme is often ‘how to be human’. I suppose the upcoming album could also be seen as a sort of ‘How To Human’ guide, one that I needed at the time.”

Watch the mysterious video for “Big Tear” or listen to the song below:

(Photo: Rayan Nohra)

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